Personal Post for 2/18


So this week I’ve been drawing up a rough map for a world inhabited by dinosaur-spider hybrids and found myself putting a lot of thought into how the actual land masses would look.

I knew the way the world was laid out would have a large effect on how the inhabitants interacted with one another and I drafted up a narrative around how the modern species of archnosaurs descended from common ancestors.

This led me to consider how this world would have looked millions of years ago and I drew inspiration from the continental drift of our own planet. I began considering the potential for  the modern setting being the planet coming out of an ice age with separated landmasses into a period of a tropical supercontinent; the opposite of our own planet’s history. 

During my research I also stumbled upon a very useful article on how to theorize how a planet’s tectonic plates would act and found it quite useful during my brainstorming. Article posted below:


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